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Are You Surfing Safely?

Having anti-virus software installed on your computer or laptop is very important. Hackers and cyber criminals are becoming more intelligent and can install hidden software’s and viruses onto your computer even if you have antivirus software installed! Obviously there less likely chances of them getting anywhere if you are protected! Useful tip: if you don’t have antivirus, AVG provide a basic but free version for everyone to use. Click HERE to download from thier website or contact us if you want to ensure it is installed correctly.

How Clean Is Yours?!

Keeping computers physically clean can help keep them running more smoothly as well as help prevent issues such as overheating and CPU's slowing down. It is also a good idea to clean the data on the computer. Microsoft Windows users can run ScanDisk to check the hard drive for errors and Defrag to keep the data on the hard drive organised. It is also a good idea to go through the installed programs and uninstall anything you no longer use. If you are unsure, we are just a call away!

Need Some Backup?

Do you trust your computer is never going to fail you and that all your photo memories, videos, music and documents are all safe?...... Do you have a backup? If not then its not safe! You should never rely on only having one copy of anything on computers and backups are the safest way to protect you. Create a backup policy or use an external device such as a NAS to store your copies. Call us if you need assistance.

Computer Servicing

Would you drive your car on a long journey without a recent service? If so, would you trust it? Maintaining and managing your computer is vital for its health and reliability and therefore keeps owners happy! Other than your weekly full AV scan, make sure that you take 30 minutes out per month to ensure your computer is continuing to run effectively,  however if you haven't got the time, we can do it for you. Check for malware, delete temporary files, make sure your registry has no missing or unused files and ensure all software’s are up to date, especially ones that contain security updates!