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A little about me...

I am a skilled ICT professional with over 11 years of

practical experience in private and charitable sectors as

well corporate IT.  I am incredibly hard working and always

deliver to the highest possible standard I know of. I started back in 2004 on a helpdesk providing a support service to users of a major telecommunications company who where migrating their IT provision from Windows NT to Windows XP. Moving up in ranks in further organisations throughout the years I finally stopped as a department manager overseeing the complete I.T solutions for the company. It was in January 2015 that I started to think about setting up my own company and did so in my spare time.



My technical experience...

covers most of the Microsoft platforms. I have managed complete I.T domains having the highest point of technical know-how. With knowledge in telephony, ranging from smart phones right up to VoIP systems, I also have a great portfolio of software knowledge. Managing a complete I.T department  gives you the exposure to the majority of typical business systems. I also have access control and CCTV experience too.


The future...

is hopefully bright! I would love to see the business expand and allow me to look at taking on a small team but for now I will remain humble and happy that I can finally start my dream business.



Customers are...

more than welcome to call me even if it is just for free advice. My focus primarily is to support people where I can, even if that does mean just a quick chat. I can also provide remote support which means I can help with most issues without coming on site, which cuts your costs!



My aim...

is to provide a great quality and reliable service to both commercial and domestic sectors. With a dedicated attitude and offering competitive prices, I am sure not to let you down with my no fix no fee promise.


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